parlor guitars, banjos
and string insruments


I build parlor guitars at full and 3/4 scale with a slim figure 8 shape that is comfortable to hold, with nylon or steel strings. six strings or 4 string tenor guitars. each one is hand made with care and attention to detail and includes unique inlays and solid wood binding.

my banjos are built in the old world style completely out of wood. there are no steel tuners or resonators. they have a solid wood back and a genuine goat or calf skin head that is glued on, which gives it a warm sound, instead of the bright sometimes shrill sound you get from a
bluegrass banjo.

they also include my own personal design that places the 5th string tuner at the head stock instead of at the fifth fret. this is achieved by running the string an ebony fret board from the 5th fret up. this allows for ease of movement in navigating up and down the neck.



"Sometimes I wake up at night, sweaty, in panic and full of fear that I lost my love.
Then I have to go and get her, hold her real tight for a while and then I feel better."

NILS NOVA - GLOBAL ARTIST  based in switzerland

custom 'tres' guitar

tenor guitar

banjo (full scale and tenor)